Monday, July 2, 2012


Since it's finally summer (!), I'm enjoying the enforced downtime of waiting for my car to be serviced - which I like to do at this one place that has free tea and coffee and snacks, and comfy seats and internet.  Interestingly, they always ask if you're "waiting" or not - obviously, we're all waiting.  But car places kind of forget you if you're not waiting right in their face, IME.

During the school-year, I have to take the car to the nearby place where it's rushed and dirty and I'm always worried about being late to get back to class.  Yuck.

But in this dealership, they have one of those high-pressure tea/coffee machines that are probably environmentally sinful, what with all that packaging.  But my own issue with them is that the tea is super-hot and super-concentrated.  And there's not enough of it.  So I applied what Mr. Bergandine taught me way back in the 1980s, i.e. the principle of equilibrium.  I put some warmish water in another cup and just pour bits back and forth, and somehow magically I get two cups of perfect tea!  Ah the small joys.


  1. Um... What is the name of the place?

  2. Toyota of Watertown...but they annoyed me subsequent to my post. :)