Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bracelets and Siblings

Ezra picked out a green sea-glass bracelet as his delayed birthday present, inspired by ones we saw in Maine recently.  We found this gorgeous one on etsy, by "sourisbythesea":

It arrived and he put it on, and it looks really nice.  (Bonus thing to ponder:  what makes a bracelet masculine?)  I like that he chose something so interesting and personal, and also beautiful.

The only drawback, if we can consider it such, is sibling jealousy ("why can't I have a bracelet too?").  Gedalya is struggling to accept not being old enough to do and have everything just like his brothers.  It doesn't necessarily satisfy him that he does more interesting/advanced things than his brothers did when they were his age.  I think it will help that this summer, he will be going to camp with his brothers, and in the fall, real Kindergarten school too.

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