Friday, June 29, 2012

Culture of Patriarchal Oppression - episode 6/28/12

Ann Romney must have been in the focus group that vetted this latest campaign advertisement for MA Senator (incumbent and hopeful for another term) Scott Brown.  His wife, Gail Huff, brags that he's not as much a sexist neanderthal as maybe we thought, at least to Republican women in his family:

It is so appallingly sexist - can anyone imagine that Brown's opponent, Elizabeth Warren, would benefit in public opinion if the masses saw *her* folding laundry?  Or suggesting that it was up for debate whether family members should have their own lives to live?  The most depressing aspect, of course, is that this ad gets an audience who might be swayed.

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  1. Foldingg laundry eh? ... I should remember that for the next time I run for student council...